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Below you can find my earlier clones, demos, prototypes or personal projects.

Screenshot 2022-03-21 000928.png
Plants vs Zombies Clone

A Plants vs Zombies clone, targeted at mobile platforms. Featuring grid layout, levels, timers, UI, etc.

Screenshot 2022-03-21 001413.png
Assassin Go Clone 

Based on the famous mobile game. 

Screenshot 2022-03-21 001230.png
Screenshot 2022-03-21 005243.png
Match 3 Prototype

A match 3 game prototype target at mobile platforms. Featuring grid based board generation, power ups, UI, etc.

Screenshot 2022-03-21 004721.png
Gesture Recognition

A mobile game prototype, based around gesture and image recognition. Depending on the drawn gesture a specific shape is spawned.

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