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June 2022 - Present

C#/Unity Developer


Sofia, Bulgaria

- Worked on an outsourced real-life application as C#/Unity Developer.

- Worked on various game projects both outsourced and in-house with Unity and Godot.

- My expertise was mainly in Unity/C#, but I have also done some backend, database management and development with the Godot engine  

May 2021 - Present

C#/Unity Instructor

UNIFY - Study in Holland

Sofia, Bulgaria

Designed, Developed & Teaching a Unity Course, specifically targeted at applicants for the Dutch Game Universities, where students have to apply by making a game & portfolio according to specific requirements.

Check out the course page here.

Sep 2017 - May 2022

Unity C# Developer

Self-employed, Personal Projects

Sofia, Bulgaria

Working mainly on personal projects and self study I have excelled in C# Programming and Game Design with Unity. I've gained a lot of experience in 2D/3D development, OOP, physics, networking, AI, Cinematics, FSM, 

Animation, Mobile, Web, VCS, etc.

Jan 2008 - May 2022


Genchev 2002 - Ltd

Sofia, Bulgaria

10+ years of management experience in the trades field working for the food industry and on the real estate market. I have managed a team of 20-40 people. I have learned to be very well organized, responsible and team orientated. I also have developed very good communication and mentoring skills.


2017 - 2021


I've taken numerous courses in the field of Programing and Game design. I have acquired advanced knowledge in Unity and C#. Most of the courses I have finished courses are related to C# programming, 2D/3D Unity development, Networking, Physics, AI, Game & Level Design.

2008 - 2012

New Bulgarian University

I've studied Economics, with specialization in Marketing.

Bachelor's degree, Marketing

Sofia, Bulgaria

Professional skillset

Unity Game Engine

C# Programming

Version control systems

Agile Methodologies

Godot Game Engine

Database management

Management, Mentoring

Teamwork & Collaboration



English (proficient)

Russian (beginner)

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